Mistakes That a Pet Groomer in Tacoma, WA Should Avoid

Things That Groomers Should Never Do When Grooming Their Pets

Do you have pets at home? Do they need a haircut or a bath? Although there are many excellent reasons to groom your pet regularly, an amateur pet groomer, or even a pet parent who decides to give grooming a try, can do a lot of harm if he or she isn’t careful. Some things might sound like a good idea when it comes to grooming, but it should be avoided at all costs:

Giving Your Dog Daily Baths

Daily baths strip the coat of their natural oils from your dog and can make dry skin even worse. Without skin problems, it should be enough to bathe your dog once a month and also allow your dog to produce natural oils to help keep the coat naturally shiny. After having bathed, dry cloth or let the hair of your dog dry naturally. It may be tempting to use a hairdryer, but there are many dangers involved.

Giving Your Dog a Quick Rinse

Poor rinsing can lead to severe irritation of the skin, hair loss, matted fur, and etc. Dry shampoo will crust and finally mat or tangle their hair, leaving your pet’s coat dull with shampoo residue. Be sure to carefully rinse your pet to prevent this.

Shaving Your Dog In Summer

Usually, it is unnecessary to shave your pet during warm weather months, and it interferes with regulating their natural body temperature. Furthermore, shaving can harm the hair follicles, causing the coat to become dull.

Beware of these things when you are grooming your dogs. If you are looking for a pet groomer in Tacoma, WA, one of your options should be Mutt Puddles Dog Wash LLC. We are properly trained, and we make sure that we will never commit any mistakes in grooming your pets. To hire us, call us at (253) 531-3387 to get reliable pet grooming & dog day care services!