Simple Things You Could Try Before A Professional Dog Wash in Tacoma, WA

Tips and Tricks to Washing Your Dog

A dog deserves the best love and care you can provide. We can spoil them as much as we want but a professional dog wash cost a lot. Instead of opting for a costly solution, you can always follow these tips to wash your dog by yourself instead.

Know what to do before getting your dog wet

Get the right shampoo first, one that has the right pH and what’s best for your dog. Ask your veterinarian for product recommendations, especially for dogs with skin problems. Getting bland eye ointment also helps in stopping your dog’s teary eyes. Remember to stock your station with shampoos, towels and other necessities your dog might need.

What to do when it’s time for the dogs to take a bath

Use a leash if you have to but know how to lead your dog into the water as you cheer for him and give him a treat. Try your best to put him in the tub with little to none drama as possible compared to a professional dog wash. Start shampooing at your dog’s neck and when you reach your dog’s tail, empty its anal glands. As soon as every inch of your dog suds up, drain the dirty water out.

In drying your dogs

Dogs do not like the smell of shampoo. They tend to roll in the mud even right after his bath so before that nightmare happens, throw a towel over him like a horse blanket and use another one to dry his face. You can also opt to use a dryer but use one that is specifically made for dogs. Gently holding your dog after he gets soaked is a way for you to keep him calm.

If these simple tips are a lot of for you to work with, a professional dog wash may be in order. In Tacoma, WA, the best quality dog services are provided by Mutt Puddles Dog Wash LLC. To know more about our services, call (253) 531-3387 for more information.